At only 52 mm, the Mini-Tachometer by Intellitronix is everything you need in a great little package. It is a memory tachometer coupled with RPM activated output and a Blue LED shift light. 


Microprocessor controlled. Compatible with 4-6-8 cylinder engines. Accurate, super bright, and intelligent all in one compact  package. The future of precision is here.


Other features include:

2 1/16 inch diameter, only 1 1/2 inch deep;

Automatic night-dimming;

Uses Push Buttons and Digital Display to program the switch;

RPM Range up to 9,900 RPM.  The gauge will not display the last two digits. For example, if the RPM is 7253, it will only display 7200.

RPM activated switch function:  Choose from Normally Open (turn on an accessory at the desired RPM) or Normally Closed (turn off an accessory at the desired RPM);
Functions as a Digital Tachometer with High RPM recall function;

No need to remove cover to program;

Over current protection, Short circuit protection, Over voltage protection;


Black Face Gauge with a Low Profile Tinted Lens;

Ultra-Thin Design – Gauge is Only 1 Inch in Depth;

Dimmer Wire Allows the Gauge to Dim 50%;

Programmable Digital Mini-Tachometer 2 1/16" in Chrome Trim

SKU: MS9002
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