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Unlock exclusive benefits through the Intellitronix Sponsorship Program! After purchasing the Gauge cluster at full price, get a refund based on approved actions. Create a thorough install video, showcase before and after visuals, and share posts on your social platforms for us to partner up!


The Gauge cluster will need to be purchased at full price, once the below actions are approved by Intellitronix, a full or partial refund will be issued. Material supplied to Intellitronix will be allowed to be used at Intellitronix discretion.

Sponsorship eligibility

Customers qualify if they purchase directly through our website or over the phone. Purchases from 3rd part distributors or other platforms are not eligible for credit.


1) Sponsorship timeframe will last approximately 90 days from time of product delivery.


2) Need well edited install video, step by step process of installation.

- Start with bench testing cluster before installation.

- Show removal of original cluster

- Assembly of new cluster with housing and bezel

- Connection of every gauge & feature wire especially cluster ground wire

(engine block) with installation and connection of sending units. 

- Show that each gauge and function are installed and operating properly.


3) Before and after pictures and videos that can be used social media


4) 3 posts from your social platforms for Intellitronix and the product


Stay tuned for your sponsored vehicle's images and videos! Follow us on social media for the latest updates.

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Thank you for signing up!

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