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We are honored to receive the Best New Interior Accessory Product award at 2023 Sema Show.


We are more than proud to announce, that we just received a 2022 GLOBAL MEDIA AWARD at The SEMA Show out of 3000 products for revealing our upcoming product AURORA - PART OF THE WHITE LIGHTNING SERIES!

Glad to return to the iconic Show following the pandemic, the international judges carefully reviewed and evaluated the items on display in the New Products Showcase to select the award winners. 



Press Release | 5/26/2021

Evergreen Cooperatives Acquires First Manufacturing Firm Intellitronix

The Fund for Employee Ownership (TFEO), an initiative of Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland, recently announced its fourth acquisition: Intellitronix. The 35-person manufacturing firm makes microprocessor-controlled LED gauges for cars, boats, and recreational vehicles.TFEO purchased the assets of the wholly owned subsidiary from US Lighting Group, which sought to spin off Intellitronix in order to develop and grow its other companies. US Lighting will have additional capital to focus on new business opportunities and fuel growth. 


Press Release | 1/05//2021

Intellitronix Hits All Time High in Record Sales in One Week Surpassing $600,000 at 2020 Year-End

To close out the year with new sales orders valued at over $600,000 for a single week is an astounding feat, especially during a global pandemic. Intellitronix credits the increase in orders to a rise in demand for its automotive products including analog and digital gauges for classic cars and trucks, and private labeled products,” said Paul Spivak, CEO of the US Lighting Group. “The Intellitronix team has made a concentrated effort to gain new customers, focus on servicing existing customers, and provide enhanced customer support to our customer-base, while continuing to demonstrate the team’s dedication to meeting the company’s business goals. We look forward to attaining our new growth goals in line with our strategic plan to grow the business and venture into new markets during 2021. 


Press Release | 10/22/2019

Intellitronix Receives Large Order for Power Saving Device for RV Industry


EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, October 22, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced a major recreational vehicle (RV) distributor placed an initial order for Intellitronix load shedding devices totaling $228,410. RV manufacturers may not only benefit from lower manufacturing costs, but they may also profit from two units incorporated into a single multifunctional unit. Intellitronix latest state-of-the-art technology using its proprietary power saving and protection system was specifically developed for recreational vehicles and marine vessels. Designing and engineering products for the RV industry is a keystone to the companies growth strategy to expand the its product portfolio.

Press Release | 09/13/2019

Intellitronix Makes Offer to Purchase Property to Build New Facility

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, September 13, 2019 -- Intellitronix today announced it has made an offer, which has been accepted by the Seller, to purchase a manufacturing and warehousing facility. The commercial property we are in the process of buying in Willoughby, Ohio gives Intellitronix the opportunity to upgrade its footprint to a larger facility in accordance with its expansion plans. 

Press Release | 08/19/2019

Intellitronix Signs Agreements with Manufacturing Sales Agents

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, May 21, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced it has signed agreements with three sales agents, including Bob Cook Sales, Liedel Bradshaw, and Kunzman & Associates, to sell Intellitronix products in the U.S. and parts of Canada. Bob Cook Sales, Liedel Bradshaw, and Kunzman & Associates, are proven industry leaders who will sell Intellitronix products to the automotive, high performance, off-road, truck and marine industries.

Press Release | 07/30/2019

Intellitronix Engineers Power Protection Device for RV Industry

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, July 30, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced it has partnered with Dehco, Inc., a division of Patrick Industries, to distribute Intellitronix proprietary energy management system to OEM recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturers. The power protection device combines state-of-the-art electronic technology with ingenious engineering to allow RV manufacturers to build their RVs with a smaller than normal onboard generator. 

Press Release | 06/20/2019

Intellitronix Motion Stabilized Spotlight Patent Issued

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, June 20, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced it was issued Patent No. 10308330 for the companys new motion stabilized spotlight product for the marine industry.  The company can now move ahead with plans to produce and market our search light to maritime companies and governmental agencies that will benefit from our innovative solution for nighttime search and rescue missions.

Press Release | 06/20/2019

Intellitronix Withdraws its Offer to Purchase Property on Research Drive in Eastlake

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, June 20, 2019 -- Intellitronix withdrew its offer to purchase the property on Research Drive due to the fact that the property was not suitable to build the facility that we require for our expansion project. We will continue to look for a more suitable piece of property that meets our expansion plan requirements, said Paul Spivak, CEO of the US Lighting Group.

Press Release | 05/21/2019

Intellitronix Makes Offer to Purchase Property to Build New Facility

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, May 21, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced that it has made an offer to purchase approximately 4.0 acres of land on Research Drive in Eastlake, Ohio to construct a manufacturing and research facility. The company's strategic plan is to grow the business, increase sales, and to expand production operations and workforce to meet the high demand for Intellitronix products.

Press Release | 05/08/2019

Intellitronix Receives Large Order for New Private Label Automotive Product

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, May 8, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced it has received a $272,545 order for a new automotive aftermarket product. Designing and engineering this one-of-a-kind automotive product elevates us to the next growth level for our company.

Press Release | 04/12/2019

Intellitronox Receives Patent Notification for its Motion Stabilized Spotlight

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, April 12, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced it has received notification that a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office will be issued for the company’s new motion stabilized spotlight. This patent expands our marine product offerings incorporating our state-of-the-art microprocessor and advanced LED lighting technology. 

Press Release | 02/12/2019

Intellitronix Engages Veteran Automotive Aftermarket Marketer to Advance Sales

EASTLAKE, Ohio, USA, February 12, 2019 -- Intellitronix announced that it has entered into an agreement with automotive aftermarket marketing veteran Ken Farrell Jr. to advance the sales of its products. 

Intellitronix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US Lighting Group (OTC:USLG)

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