Intellitronix designs multi-functional energy management systems for the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry with built-in circuit breaker panels and load shedder capabilities.

Intellitronix dual-function electrical supply protection system (ESPS) utilizes a circuit breaker protection box and an energy management system (EMS) to temporarily shut off low priority circuits, conserve total maximum current, and manage RV appliance usage.

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CH1 EMS Installation Guide


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CH1 EMS User Manual


Intellitronix 4-IN-1 Energy Management Multifunctional System (EMMS) incorporates the latest state-of-the-art electronics technology with its proprietary power saving and protection system designed for recreational vehicles. The ultimate system for preserving power and balancing appliance usage with resource management.


Intellitronix LED Digital Outside Air Temperature gauge is microprocessor-controlled and has a 0-250 degrees Fahrenheit range of accuracy and works with any vehicle! The gauge is perfect for your RV and comes in Red, Blue, Green, and White with either a Black or Chrome Bezel. 

For inquiries about Intellitronix RV Energy Management System contact:

Email:  sales@intellitronix.com 

Tel:       440 359-7200

Lifetime Factory Warranty

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