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Electrical Supply Protection System Load Shed and Breaker Panel 2-IN-1


Intellitronix dual-function electrical supply protection system (ESPS), designed for recreational vehicles (RVs), utilizes a circuit breaker protection box and an energy management system (EMS) to temporarily shut off low priority circuits, conserve total maximum current, and manage RV appliance usage.


This all-inclusive unit is powered by shore power or a generator. An easy to use OLED display monitors and reports the status of all circuits and the amount of total current each circuit is using.

Load Shed Panel Break 2-1 Front_01.jpg
Load Shed Panel Break 2-1 Back_02.jpg


• Combines a breaker panel and energy management system into an all-inclusive unit

• Power management for different available sources including 50 Amp & 30 Amp Service

• Easy configuration by setting circuit priority and max current allowance

• Automatically sheds and re-engages loads to avoid tripping the breaker

• 6 AC relays

• Monitors AC loads independently in real time

Click PDF below to view the

CH1 EMS Installation Guide


Click PDF below to view the

CH1 EMS User Manual


For inquiries about Intellitronix RV Energy Management System contact:


Tel:       440 359-7200

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