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Like any great idea, Intellitronix began as a simple bit of spontaneous inspiration. In 1977, a team of friends and engineers from IBM saw the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” which featured a particularly interesting car. The classic Lotus Esprit in the movie not only featured the ability to turn into a submarine but also featured a red, light-up dash display.

While the submarine feature was intriguing, it was the light-up dash that caught the engineers’ attention. This small bit of inspiration rapidly grew into real-life innovation; the engineers started designing and building LED direct replacement dash displays for classic Corvettes. People loved them! Soon they had to quit their day jobs and devoted their time entirely to their new venture, which they started in 1981, initially named 2001 Technologies Corp. This was back in the 1980s, so 2001 was the future.

After a while, the engineers branched out into creating other LED digital gauges and automotive electronics, including the popular Knight Rider Radar Detector. As both the company and the demand for their products grew, a lot of changes were made. The approaching Millennium caused them to rethink their name, partnerships were formed and later dissolved, pieces of the company were sold, and the original team of engineers learned to navigate the world of business and automotive electronics. After over a decade, the original team remained, ready to re-brand and put down roots with their ever-popular digital gauges and automotive electronic accessories.

In 1996, Intellitronix was born, and the team, now in Cleveland, Ohio USA, went to work creating the products they knew car enthusiasts loved and wanted for their vehicles. As Intellitronix, the company has created and marketed some of the leading automotive technologies in the industry. Additionally, our products have dominated areas of the marine industry, with the creation of our unique, more efficient GPS controlled marine speedometer, as well as recreational vehicle electronics. Intellitronix has evolved over the years with its groundbreaking ideas.

Today, Intellitronix remains an industry giant, with a wide range of best-selling automotive electronics, accessories, and digital gauges that are featured by top dealers all over. What began as a simple idea has become an innovative and industry-leading company. Our LED products are made with the highest-quality LEDs and the Intellitronix engineers’ expert design. 30 years after the journey first began, Intellitronix is settled in Eastlake, Ohio USA, where our groundbreaking products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility. Our products have always been made right here in the United States, and that hasn’t changed. Each and every Intellitronix product is produced in the Eastlake facility, put together by real people using the best materials and automated machinery.

LEDs have become the powerhouse of the lighting world; from traditional lighting to the Intellitronix light-up dash displays, to the industry first unbreakable Ignition box, we have surpassed traditional light bulbs and television and computer screen illumination and are even seen in police lights and vehicle headlights and taillights.


At Intellitronix, we not only understand the power and importance of utilizing LEDs, but we also have the expertise to put that knowledge to good use.


Intellitronix is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting and microprocessor-controlled LED gauges, which are high-quality, energy-saving devices for the automotive aftermarket, and sold internationally. All the Company’s products are 'Made in the USA' at its own manufacturing facility located near Cleveland, Ohio.  

We are now a new worker cooperative Ohio INTX Cooperative Dba Intellitronix.

Been on the streets and in your vehicles since the1980s. Innovation commanding the attention and interest even to this day.

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