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Classic vehicles radiate with a historical beauty that today’s modern cars can barely keep up with all but with one major factor: modern luxuries. There is no reason to have to buy a new vehicle just to have those amenities though, because you have found our products!

This listing is for a brand-new Automatic Headlight Switch by Intellitronix! The switch allows you to have the modern luxury of automatic headlights without sacrificing the comfort of the great car you already own, no matter how old it is!

Other Key Features Include:

*A De-activate switch

*A Wiper connection, to automatically begin your headlights when you turn on the wipers, so you never forget the headlights in stormy weather (requirement by law in some states)


Here’s What you get:

-One pre-wired switch box

-One pre-wired light sensor

-One Mounting Kit


All products include a Lifetime Warranty and proudly made in the U.S.A.


Automatic Headlight Switch

SKU: HL10001
$116.95 Regular Price
$99.41Sale Price


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