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Microprocessor controlled. Peak top speed recall. Reads up to 255 MPH. Applicable to any mechanical or electronic transmission. It is accurate, super bright, and intelligent all in one. The future of digital is here.


Features include:

3 3/8" inch diameter, only 1 1/2 inch deep;

0-60 MPH and 1/4 mile elapsed time recall;

Programmable with high-speed recall (sending unit not included);


Built-in Tachometer reads your RPM from 0 to 9,900 in 100 RPM increments

Odometer and trip odometer;

Automatic night-dimming;

Calibration with the push of a button to adjust for different tire sizes, wheel sizes, and gear ratios;

Includes all neccesary In-dash mounting hardware and instructions!

Speedometer/Tachometer Combo in Chrome Trim with Programmable Memory

SKU: MS9250
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