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Upgrade your 1963-1964 Chevrolet Impala with the Intellitronix DP1204 LED Digital Replacement Gauge Panel, designed to provide an elegant, modern update to your vehicle’s interior. The vibrant, crisp, and easy-to-read lights increase accuracy and give your car a high-tech look. The gauge panel includes direct fit printed circuit boards, a custom fit "smoked" plexiglass faceplate, a universal temperature sending unit, an oil pressure sending unit, and a speedometer sending unit with a sender and sensor for vehicles without electronic transmission or cruise control. Installation instructions are included.


  • The speedometer reads up to 255 MPH and features an odometer, trip meter, and one-button calibration, regardless of tire size, gear ratio, or transmission. It also includes 0-60 time with 1⁄4 mile elapse time plus high-speed recall, all accessible with the push of a button. The speedometer can be used with electronic cruise control senders or the included S9013 universal speedometer sending unit if your vehicle is not equipped with a functional cruise control. The tachometer displays 0-6000 RPM in 300 RPM increments and is programmable for 4-6-8-cylinder engines. The speedometer and tachometer are combined into a single unit.


  • Water Temperature: Displays a 100-300°F range with sender S8013 included. Please specify the bushing size for the sender; we normally send a 1/2 inch one, but a 3/8 inch one can be sent upon request. Just add a note at checkout; otherwise, you will need to get the correct bushing on your own.


  • Oil Pressure: Reads a 0-100 PSI range and includes the oil pressure sender.


  • Voltmeter: Displays a 7.0-18.0 volts range and does not require a sending unit.


  • Outside Air Temperature: It has 0-250 Fahrenheit degree range accuracy. 


  • Fuel Level: Reads a 0-99% range in 1% increments and works with the existing GM fuel level sending unit.


  • The panel also includes turn signals and a high beam indicator.


  • The clock displays time in hours and minutes.



Note: Bezel not included.



  • Available Colors: White, Red, Blue, Teal, and Green
  • Speedometer Reading: Order your speedometer in either MPH or KPH
  • Accessories: All required sending and sensor units are included
  • Custom Gear Shifter: Customize your gear shifter to display any number, such as the year of your Impala, or opt for a traditional gear shift display.


Enhance your 1963-1964 Chevy Impala with the Intellitronix DP1204 LED Digital Replacement Gauge Panel for a sleek, functional, and customizable driving experience.

1963-1964 CHEVY IMPALA DP1204

SKU: DP1204
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