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Items You May Need

Experience the captivating allure of our White Lightning 1957 Bel Air, a testament to timeless design and modern innovation. This classic beauty is meticulously crafted with a distinctive white polycarbonate subsurface featuring a brush stroke finish, transforming your dashboard into an unforgettable masterpiece. Available in vibrant Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and White LEDs, this product is designed to elevate your driving experience to extraordinary heights.



  • Speedometer: Reads up to 160 MPH and includes a one-button calibration feature that adapts to any tire size, gear ratio, or transmission for 8-6-4-cylinder engines. Also includes an odometer, trip meter, high-speed recall, 0-60 time, and ¼ mile elapsed time, all accessible with the push of a button. Speed sender included.
  • Tachometer: Measures from 0 to 8000 RPM in 100 RPM increments, ensuring precise readings.
  • Water Temperature Gauge: Reads from 100 to 260°F, with a sender included for accurate monitoring.
  • Fuel Gauge: User-programmable to work with 0-30 or 0-90 GM ohms ranges, offering flexibility and reliability.
  • Voltmeter: Monitors high and low voltage, reading from 10.0 to 18.0 volts.
  • Oil Pressure Gauge:** Reads from 0-100 psi, with a sender included for dependable measurements.
  • Indicators: Turn signal and high beam indicators included, enhancing functionality and safety.


  • Durability: Comes with a factory lifetime warranty, clear plexiglass, hardware, and instructions for easy installation.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with any mechanical or electronic transmissions, with an optional GPS speedometer sender available for purchase separately. The Intellitronix GPS Speedometer Sending Unit offers high-accuracy readings with a simple 3-wire hookup, compatible with standard 4000, 8000, or 16000 pulse-per-mile speedometers. Built-in GPS technology eliminates speed inaccuracies due to tire changes or gear ratios.
  • Nighttime Dimming: The automatic dimming feature ensures optimal visibility and comfort during nighttime driving.


Accessories Included:

- All required sending and sensor units

- Lifetime warranty for peace of mind


Note: Bezel no