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Turns your electric fan on and off at your desired temperature. The control is right where it belongs, in your hands.


Fans turn on at 60-percent power and fan speed increases as the temperature rises. You can easily adjust the activation temperature between approximately 160-240 degrees Fahrenheit.


This fan controller also has a fuse to protect the controller from accidental shorts or a bad fan. This allows greater control over engine temperature, which helps to reduce charging spikes and current load on the charging system. 


3 LED status indicators let you know that you have wired it up properly and that everything is functioning according to plan. Takes the guesswork out of installation and setup! 


The fan controller comes with a 1/8" NPT thread-in temperature sensor with bushing adapter (Please send a note to seller if you need a 3/8" bushing because we send the more common 1/2" bushing--otherwise, you will have to supply the bushing on your own). 


It features variable fan speed and a 40 amp rating.  It works on 12-volt systems only.


Celsius is also available upon request--please just send a note at check-out!

The fan controller comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and is made in the USA!

Variable Speed Fan Controller

SKU: N4001
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