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The Prometheus Ignition System is designed for critical marine and off-road applications to safeguard against ignition system failures. This patent pending system has several built-in features that protect against dangerous weather hazards.



  • Built-in self-protection system that monitors output current and internal operating temperatures, which provides protection from bad coils, faulty wiring, and system failures.
  • Unlike other ignition systems on the market, the Prometheus goes into system protect-mode and does not self-destruct or damage other systems.
  • Great for racing applications that do not use an alternator.
  • User-adjustable Rev Limiter that works with 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engines.
  • Works with points, OEM, aftermarket electronic or magnetic crank systems.
  • Uses less power than competitor ignition systems, while providing superior performance!
  • Works with any negative ground and 12V electrical system with a distributor.
  • Comes with a Tachometer Output wire that can also trigger a shift light or any add-on RPM activated devices.



Primary 550V

Secondary 55,000V



150 mJ up to 12,000 RPM and only 750mA per 1000 RPM


Prometheus Marine & Off-Road Ignition System ... LIFETIME W

SKU: 150DM
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