Intellitronix introduces high output Ignition Coils used in high performance Ignition Systems and Racing applications. The LS Ignition Coils are designed for V8 LS-based engines employed in Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, H2 Hummer and Pontiac vehicles that use the Chevy small block Gen III/IV engine.


Intellitronix high output ignition coils provide additional volts of energy as a direct replacement to the existing coils. Sold in a set of 8 coils. The LS Ignition Coils mount in the factory stock location. They have a lower primary resistance, higher rpm capability, and far greater output than stock ignition coils.


Other features include:


  • Resistance: 0.500 ohms - 2.00K ohms
  • Voltage up to 40,000 Volts
  • 75:1 Turns Ratio
  • Inductance is 2.70 mH
  • Peak Current is 220 mA
  • Spark lasts 300 Us


Easy Install, Lifetime Warranty, Great Price & Gauges for your high-performance vehicle.





LS Ignition Coils ......... LIFETIME WARRANTY!