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IgniMAX Pro-Electro Ignition System is the ultimate choice for unleashing the true potential of your vehicle. Crafted with cutting-edge microprocessor-controlled technology, this revolutionary ignition system ensures uncompromising performance in street, track, and off-road applications.


The Multi Spark CD Ignition System offers protection against system ignition failures and promotes compatibility features.  


Key Features:


  • "GuardianShield" - Advanced Self-Protection Technology: Our exclusive GuardianShield technology offers an intelligent self-protection system that constantly monitors output current and internal temperatures. Say goodbye to ignition failures caused by bad coils, faulty wiring, and system malfunctions!
  • "TurboFuse" - Safety at Its Core: Unlike ordinary ignition systems, IgniMAX Pro-Electro goes into TurboFuse mode under extreme conditions, ensuring maximum safety without damaging your precious engine or other systems.
  • "RaceRush" - Rev Limiter Redefined: With our RaceRush Rev Limiter, you're in complete control! Compatible with 4-, 6-, or 8-cylinder engines, unleash the power and set the limits with ease.
  • "UniPulse" - Universally Compatible: IgniMAX works harmoniously with points, OEM, aftermarket electronic, or magnetic crank systems, providing a seamless installation experience.
  • "EcoPower+" - Energy-Efficient Dominance: Harnessing the true potential of cutting-edge technology, IgniMAX Pro-Electro delivers exceptional performance while utilizing less power than the competition.
  • "VoltPulse" - Shocking Voltage Performance: IgniMAX Pro-Electro delivers an electrifying Primary Voltage of 550V and a Secondary Voltage of a jaw-dropping 55,000V, ensuring an unrivaled ignition spark.
  • "MegaJolt" - Unleash the Beast: With an astounding 150 mJ of spark energy up to 12,000 RPM, the IgniMAX Pro-Electro is the true spark of performance.
  • "EcoDrive" - Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Engineered for sustainability, IgniMAX Pro-Electro works seamlessly with any negative ground and 12V electrical system, reducing your carbon footprint while boosting your engine's performance.
  • "TachWave" - Precision Performance: The TachWave Output wire is your gateway to precision. Trigger your shift light or RPM activated devices for the ultimate driving experience.


The IgniMAX Pro-Electro Ignition System comes in a sleek, eco-friendly, and futuristic packaging design. The box features a striking lightning bolt design in vibrant colors, making it stand out on the shelves and reflecting the dynamic nature of the product.


Marketing Campaign: "Ignite the Extraordinary" - The marketing campaign revolves around the concept of igniting the extraordinary potential within every vehicle. It features captivating visuals of lightning bolts striking iconic landscapes, symbolizing the unleashed power and performance of IgniMAX.


Overall, the creative rebranding of the Intellitronix Multi Spark CD Ignition System as the "IgniMAX Pro-Electro Ignition System" highlights its high-tech features, powerful performance, and unmatched reliability, appealing to automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.

IgniMAX Pro-Electro Ignition System

SKU: 150DL
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