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High Beam Headlight Relay Kit without the relay! Allows all 4 headlights or driving lights or fog lights to be on when in high beam mode.


Simple 2 wire installation, couldn't be any simpler to install.


Have you ever wondered why your day time running lights go off when the headlights are turned on or why your low beams go off when you turn on the high beams?


This little black box will change that. This easy to install kit will leave your day time running lights on when you turn your headlights, or your low beams when the high beams are on which improves the intensity and spread pattern of your headlights.


Once installed, your day time running lights will work as before during the day, but when you turn on your headlights, all four lights will come on. These kits are the easiest way to maximize the capabilities of your factory headlight system. They allow you to turn on your vehicles headlights, while keeping the day time running lights on simultaneously.


Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA.


Includes everything necessary for installation.

High-4 Kit High Beam Headlight Relay Conversion Kit

SKU: 437484
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