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The Intellitronix Universal LED Bargraph Multi-Gauge set comes with 6 individual gauges: Speedometer, Tachometer, Voltmeter, Fuel, Oil Pressure & Water Temperature. Includes automatic night dimming along with a universal temperature sending unit (S8013); a universal oil pressure sending unit (S8434); a universal speedometer sending unit (S9013), and mounting hardware.


Product Specifications


3-3/8” Speedometer: Reads up to 255 mph, includes odometer, trip meter, one button calibration, 0-60 time, ¼ mile and high speed recall.


3-3/8” Tachometer: 0 – 9900 RPM in 100 RMP increments.


Water Temp Display: 160-240° F range.,


Oil Pressure Display: 0 – 80 PSI range.


Voltmeter Display: 12-16 volt range.


Fuel Level Display: Fuel-Empty in ¼ increments. User programmable to work with Ford, GM, Chrysler, VDO, and aftermarket 240-33 ohm industry standard fuel senders. Ohm ranges are Ford and Chrysler 73 - 10 ohm, GM 0 - 90 ohm, VDO 10 - 180 ohm, Universal 240 - 33 ohm.




Multi-Gauge LED Digital Bargraph Set with Chrome Bezel

SKU: BS9999
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