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1992-1995 Jeep YJ LED Digital Gauge Panel - DP6013


Ride the wind in your classic Jeep YJ with a customized 1992-1995 Jeep YJ LED Digital Gauge Replacement Dash. The 92-95 Jeep YJ LED Digital Dash Panel Replacement by Intellitronix comes complete with direct fit printed circuit boards, custom fit "smoked" plexiglass faceplate, universal temperature, oil pressure, and speedometer sending units with sender and sensor for vehicles without electronic transmission or cruise control, and instructions for installation.


Speedometer reads 0-255 MPH and features odometer, trip meter, one-button calibration, regardless of tire size, gear ratio, or transmission, and 0-60 time, 1⁄4 mile elapse time, and high speed recall, all with the push of a button. The speedometer can be used with electronic cruise control senders or use included S9013 universal speedometer sending unit, if your vehicle is not equipped with a functional cruise control.


Tachometer displays 0-9900 RPM in 100 RPM increments.

Water Temperature displays 100-300°F includes S8013 sending unit. Please send a note to seller if you need a 3/8" bushing, because we send the more common 1/2" bushing--otherwise, you will have to supply the bushing on your own.


Oil Pressure reads 0-100 PSI range and includes oil pressure sending unit.


Voltmeter displays 7.0-18.0 volts range and no sending unit is required.


Fuel Level reads 0-99% range in 1% increments and is programmable for 270-20, 220-20, 0-90, 10-180 ohms.


Clock not included.

The panel does not include turn signals, high beam, brake, or 4WD indicators, so you will need to retain the orginal indicators from your OEM dash.


Easy Install, Lifetime Warranty, Great Price, & Gauges for your very special classic vehicle.






AVAILABLE COLORS:  White, Red, Blue, Green, and Teal.

SPEEDOMETER READING:  Order your speedometer in either MPH or KPH


GPS Option: The Intellitronix GPS Speedometer Sending Unit offers high-accuracy readings with a simple 3-wire hookup, compatible with standard 4000, 8000, or 16000 pulse-per-mile speedometers. With built-in GPS technology and a compact design, it eliminates speed inaccuracies from tire changes or gear ratios for unmatched precision.


1992-1995 Jeep YJ LED Digital DP6013

SKU: DP6013


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