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Upgrade any vehicle, vintage or new, with BARGRAPH-CREATE-A-DASH. Designed for enthusiasts seeking a personalized touch paired with Intellitronix gauge accuracy.


**Key Features:**


 **Speedometer/Tachometer Combo:** Signature bar graph design.


 **Customizable Layout:** Separate circuit boards for flexible positioning. Kit includes a  trimmable 12" x 24" ABS back panel and trimmable 12" x 24" Plexiglas sheet.


 **Comprehensive Kit:** Mounting hardware, sending units, and extra features like Recall, 0-60, and ¼ mile Time and Highspeed recall. 


 **Universal Fit:** Suitable for any vehicle; vintage or new. Cut, mount, and arrange effortlessly.


**Warranty:** All gauges backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


GPS Option: Integrated GPS functionality for precise speed tracking and location-based features.


**Gauge Specifications:**


 **Speedometer/Tachometer Combo:**  Speedometer reads up to 255 MPH and features odometer, trip meter, one-button calibration, regardless of tire size, gear ratio, or transmission, 0-60 time, 1⁄4 mile elapse time, and high speed recall, all with the push of a button. The speedometer can be used with PCM, Electric VSS transmissions or the included electronic sender S9013.


Tachometer reads 0-9900 RPM and in 100 RPM increments.


 **Temperature:** 160° to 240°F range (Sender S8013 included).


**Oil Pressure:** 0-80 PSI range (sender S8868 included).


**Voltmeter:** 12-16 volt range (no sender required).


**Fuel Level:** Empty to Full in 1/4 increments (adjustable ranges).selectable ohms ranges of 0-90, 73-10, 10-180 and 240-33.


The panel features turn signals and high beam indicator.Easy Install, Lifetime Warranty, Great Price, & Gauges for your very special classic vehicle.


AVAILABLE COLORS: White, Red, Blue, Green and Teal. SPEEDOMETER READING: Order your speedometer in either MPH or KPH


ACCESSORIES: All required sending and sensor units are included.


Enhance your ride with CREATE-A-DASH—where customization meets precision!



5.5 Gauge Create-a-Dash Universal Gauge Kit BG10005



LED Color Choices
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