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1992-94 Chevy Truck LED Bar Graph Panel - BG6006


Elevate your 1992-94 Chevy Truck with the cutting-edge LED Bar Graph Replacement Gauge Panel by Intellitronix.  This panel features a direct fit printed circuit board, a custom fit "smoked" plexiglass faceplate, and universal temperature and oil pressure sending units.


The speedometer bar graph indicates speeds up to 255 MPH and includes an odometer, trip meter, one-button calibration for tire size, gear ratio, or transmission adjustments, as well as 0-60 time, 1⁄4 mile elapsed time, and high-speed recall – all accessible with a simple button press.


The tachometer displays a range of 0-9900 RPM in 100, 10, or 1 RPM increments such as 9900, 9990, 9999. It works on 1-2-4-6-8-10-12-cylinder engines.


emperature display reads 160° to 240°F range. Sender S8013 included; Please add a note if you need a 3/8" bushing because we send the more common 1/2" bushing--otherwise, you will have to supply the bushing on your own.


Oil Pressure displays 0-80 PSI range plus Oil pressure sender included.


Voltmeter reads 12-16 volt range and no sending unit is required.


Fuel Level displays with Empty to Full in 1/4 increments and is compatible with the existing GM fuel level sending unit.


Additional features include turn signals and a high beam indicator, making it the ultimate accessory to enhance your classic ride.


Note: Installing the gauge cluster may deactivate the cruise control system.


Easy to install with a lifetime warranty, competitively priced, and tailored for your cherished classic vehicle.






AVAILABLE COLORS: White, Red, Blue, Green, Teal




ACCESSORIES: All necessary sending and sensor units

1992-1994 Chevy Truck LED Digital Bargraph BG6006



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