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1960-63 Chevy Truck Analog Gauge Panel - NC6001


Introducing the NC6001 Analog Panel for 1960-63 Chevy Trucks by Intellitronix. Elevate your driving experience with this masterpiece crafted to seamlessly integrate into your classic truck, enhancing both style and functionality.


Key Features:

One standout feature of the NC6001 Analog Panel is its innovative color-changing needles, providing intuitive visual cues to the driver about the status of various readings. Here's how it works:

  • Visual Feedback: Each gauge needle changes color based on the corresponding reading, offering instant visual feedback to the driver.
  • Instant Recognition: With a quick glance, drivers can easily identify whether readings are within normal parameters or require attention, enhancing safety and peace of mind on the road.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The color-changing needles add a dynamic element to the dashboard, making it both functional and visually appealing.
  • Enhanced Driving Experience: By providing real-time feedback in an intuitive way, the color-changing needles contribute to a more engaging and informed driving experience.


Whether it's monitoring engine vitals or keeping an eye on speed, the color-changing needles on the NC6001 Analog Panel offer a unique and effective way for drivers to stay connected to their vehicle's performance at all times.


Speedometer: Enjoy precise readings up to 160 MPH with easy one-button calibration. Features include odometer, trip meter, high-speed recall, 0-60 time, and ¼ mile elapsed time.


Tachometer: Designed for 8-6-4 cylinder engines, this tachometer accurately reads from 0 to 8000 RPM in 100 RPM increments.


Fuel Gauge: Customizable to work with 0-30 and 0-90 ohms


Voltmeter: Monitor your vehicle's electrical system with readings ranging from 10.0 to 18.0 volts.


Oil Pressure: Keep track of your engine's health with readings from 0-100 PSI, complete with sender.


Water Temperature: Ensure optimal engine performance with temperature readings from 100 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit, including sender.


Additional Features:

  • Includes turn signal indicators and high beam indicator for added safety.
  • Backed by a factory lifetime warranty for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Compatible with both mechanical and electronic transmissions, with optional GPS speedometer sender available.
  • Automatic nighttime dimming ensures enhanced visibility without distracting glare.

Ease of Installation & Warranty:

  • Simple installation process with all necessary hardware and instructions provided.
  • Rest easy with our factory lifetime warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.





  • User-friendly interface designed for clear readability.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials for unmatched durability.
  • Elevate your truck's dashboard with these premium gauges.


  • Accessories:
  • All required sending and sensor units are included for added convenience.
  • Please note that the factory bezel/housing is not included, and the photo is for display purposes only.


Upgrade your 1960-63 Chevy Truck with the NC6001 Analog Panel from Intellitronix, where style meets precision.


-GPS Option: 

The Intellitronix GPS Speedometer Sending Unit offers high-accuracy readings with a simple 3-wire hookup, compatible with standard 4000, 8000, or 16000 pulse-per-mile speedometers. With built-in GPS technology and a compact design, it eliminates speed inaccuracies from tire changes or gear ratios for unmatched precision.


1960-1963 Chevy Truck Analog Color Changing Needles NC6001

SKU: CCN6001


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