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4-IN-1 Energy Management Multifunctional System (EMMS)

  • Energy Management System / Load Shedder

  • Auto Transfer Switch

  • Breaker panel

  • Auto Gen Start


Intellitronix 4-IN-1 Energy Management Multifunctional System (EMMS) incorporates the latest state-of-the-art electronics technology with its proprietary power saving and protection system designed for recreational vehicles. The ultimate system for preserving power and balancing appliance usage with resource management.

The EMMS offers circuit breaker protection to maximize power being utilized, provides resource management to temporarily shut off low priority circuits conserving energy, automatically starts the generator when other power sources are unavailable based on demand, and transfers power to available power sources based on a priority sequence.

EMMS provides several ways to communicate, monitor, and report the status of all four energy saving functions including display unit, Bluetooth, WiFi, and multiplexing.

Load Shed Panel Breaker 4-1 Front_02


  • Combines a breaker panel, energy management system, auto generator starter, and transfer switch into a 4-in-1 unit

  • Power management for different available sources including 50 Amp & 30 Amp Service

  • Easy configuration by setting circuit priority and max current allowance

  • Automatically sheds and re-engages loads to avoid tripping the breaker

  • 6 AC relays

  • Monitors AC loads independently in real time

  • Automatically turns on the generator when the shore or outside power and inverter power are not available

  • Set multiple parameters for automatically starting and stopping the generator

  • Detects which power source is available and switches or transfers to this source based on preference settings

For inquiries about Intellitronix RV Energy Management System contact:


Tel:       440 359-7200

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