Highway Guardian Vehicle Speed Limiter - HG101


Intellitronix Highway Guardian Speed Limiter is an electronic GPS-based vehicle speed limiter that works for nearly any automobile manufactured after 1990. If your automobile has fuel injection, then this product will likely work. The vehicle provides peace of mind for parents of young drivers by limiting their speed to 73 MPH or less. The speed is set to 73 mph and is not adjustable.


The Highway Guardian limits a vehicle’s top speed by controlling the fuel injection system. A vehicle where the speed limiter is being installed requires a fuel injection fuse. If the vehicle has multiple fuel injection fuses, they need to be tied or connected together. The speed limiter is easy to install and takes about an hour for any DIYer with its simple three-wire installation.


Refer to the HG101 Highway Guardian Vehicle Speed Limiter "User Manual" for additional specifications. Click Support and the Installation Guides on the main menu bar or copy and paste the following link into your internet browser.




In the Installation Guides section look for HG101 to learn more about the HG101 Highway Guardian Vehicle Speed Limiter. Click on the PDF icon to open the User Manual for the HG101 Highway Guardian Speed Limiter.

Developed by law enforcement officers who tired of telling the parents of teenage drivers that their children had been killed in automobile accidents because the young drivers drove too fast, the device is also useful for anyone who wants to control speed in their vehicles such as owners of fleets. Of the 14,000 deaths and 140,000 serious injuries every year in US teen driving crashes, 40% are speed-related, a problem that Highway Guardian can help solve for you.

In addition, a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Chelsea Gerbitz Memorial Scholarship Fund. Save your teen driver's life, install Highway Guardian! More information can be found at http://www.highwayguardian.com.


Please download the Installation Guide to verify that the Highway Guardian Vehicle Speed Limiter will work with your vehicle. 

Highway Guardian Vehicle Speed Limiter HG101

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