Introducing the latest in daytime running lights (DRL) and off-road lighting for the H2 Hummer with Intellitronix industry exclusive 2-in-1 lighting built into one unit. The H2 Hummer lights emit “super bright” lighting for daytime or nighttime driving.


Intellitronix innovative dual-purpose lighting solution is a direct replacement for the factory H2 Hummer Daylight Running Lights. The high-power lights connect to the auxiliary switch and can be switched on when the H2 Hummer is in drive.


The H2 Hummer lights use a CREE XHP70.2 White LED that produces 4000 Lumens each. Two Rebel LEDs in either Blue, Green, Amber and White replace the factory installed DRL white light bulbs with an additional CREE XHP70.2 LED wired to the H2 Hummer high beams or auxiliary switch. When switched on they output an extra 8000 Lumens of super bright white light.


Easy to install and require no additional outside mountings. Just Plug 'n Play!


Sold as a set of 2 lights.



H2 Hummer Lights for DRL & Off-Road 2-in-1 Lighting

LED Color Choices