Our RPM Activated Switch with Dipswitches is ideal for nitrous applications. It allows you to activate your nitrous system at a predetermined RPM and will stay active until RPM falls below the set RPM. Program easily with the device's dipswitches. It also features over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection.


Approximately 4 by 3 inches in size, this switch is ideal for nitrous applications, allowing you to activate nitrous at a predetermined RPM.  It comes with a lifetime warranty!  Its other features include:

Uses Dip-switches to program the switch.

RPM Range: 2,000 to 9,900 RPM.

Works with 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines.

Choose from Normally Open (turn on an accessory at the desired RPM) or Normally Closed (turn off an accessory at the desired RPM ).

Simply remove cover to program.

Over current protection, Short circuit protection, and Over voltage protection.  CAN'T BLOW IT UP!

RPM Activated Switch with Dipswitches

SKU: N3012
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