Patent-pending technology features high speed memory recall with a push of a button!

The New Intellitronix GPS speed sensor connects directly to your electronic speedometer to give you extremely accurate readings! No additional sensor from the transmission is needed to operate your speedometer.

This innovative product works with all Intellitronix or any other manufacturer's speedometer that accepts an industry standard 4000, 8000 or 16000 pulses per mile or works with any programmable speedometer. Unit comes complete with GPS receiver, omni-directional antenna and microprocessor that continuously converts GPS signals into a pulse stream that replicates the output from your mechanical speed sensor but with GPS accuracy. No more inaccurate speedo readings due to different tire sizes, rear end gear ratios, etc. Simple 3 wire hook up, power, ground and speedo out! Lifetime guarantee!

All products include a lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA

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